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Release Date: 25.12.08
After having their debut album, ''Kill Twee Pop!'' hailed as one of the albums of the year by various websites and fanzines, this 3 piece end the year with a 3 track 7" EP on newly founded Little Car Records.
More accessible to pop sensibilities than previous Sarandon records, this EP opens with the instant pop hit of "Searching For The Now", the story of meeting a hero and being disappointed. Emma Hall of London's top indie pop act, Pocketbooks, makes a guest appearance singing the chorus.
The title track of the EP sits annoyingly on side 2 - "Other People's Records" is an open attack on clique-driven "scenes" and labels.
Slower and darker than Sarandon have been before, "Other People's Records" rumbles away like an angry child intent on finding a fight.
The third and final track on the EP is a cover version of one of Sarandon's favourite bands. "Vertical Slum", originally by Swell Maps is speeded up and shredded, and was recorded as an homage to Crayola's departed friend Epic Soundtracks.
Sarandon are joined for this song by Anthony Chapman (Collapsed Lung, Junior Blanks) on piano and Emma and Dan from Pocketbooks playing percussion and providing extra shouting.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Sarandon's secret 4th member Anthony Chapman whose production credits include Bis, Ten Benson, Collapsed Lung and Spearmint.

What people have said about Sarandon:

"it might be one of the best records of the year." - Surviving The Golden Age
"as compelling as it is brilliant." - indie-mp3
"refreshingly askew new music with a wicked sense of humour, Sarandon ought to be applauded." - artman
"Sarandon will never grace any top tens, have their backs slapped at awards shows or record an album with Mark Ronson. Because, quite frankly, they are above all that." - Clash Magazine
"Awe inspiring." - textile sounds
"More songs than any individual band deserves, Sarandon seem to chuck 'em out for fun." - Maps magazine


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